X Plugin – XPlugin

Instantly get a Bigger, More Professional Sound using
One Of a Kind Dynamic Imaging

A Streamlined Professional Sound.

X Turns your dull tracks into insanely huge, industry quality sounds using its one of a Kind Dynamic Imaging.

Stop settling for amateur sounding tracks and complicated plugins. Just choose a preset, adjust the crank, and move on to the next thing.

Streamline your work flow with over 95 presets so you can worry less about mixing and more about creating.


Hear The Difference.

Take a listen to the Before and After Example using "X". Just by choosing one of 95 presets you can hear a noticeable difference.

Synth Key - Before & After X

Guitar - Before & After X

Vocals - Before & After X

Drums - Before & After X


The Main Engine of X contains 95 Phsycoacoustic Presets that you can customize, save, and use however you want.

Each Preset is Categorized into folders such as Leads, Pads, Vocals, Drums, etc so you can easily pick and choose presets to get the exact sound you want. No need to waste years learning the audio engineering skills you would need to replicate anything similar to this.

Just pick a preset, and BOOM. An ultrawide dynamic sound to compliment your tracks.

X will get you that perfect stereo full complete sound you have been missing in your music.

Effortlessly Unique

Take your sound to the next level with Hyper Speed. Effortlessly maximize the uniqueness of your tracks and create even more depth and space.

Choose presets based on bpm and Key so you can eliminate any guesswork that usually comes with a typical LFO effect.

The Ultimate Control

Use Warp Drive to add depth and space to your tracks. Use presets or just adjust the center crank to get your sound exactly how you want in seconds.

Take out the Guesswork.

See Results in Real time with a custom built Goniometer

This unique tool takes out any guesswork on days where your ears may be playing games with you.

Keep it simple, or create something insane... its up to you!

When you Purchase X Today you get...

✅ Free Bonus Midi Chord Pack
✅ Free Updates for Life
✅ 95 Fully Customizable Presets
✅ Hands on Support From Our Team
✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✅ Instant Inspiration.

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Works With All Your Favorite Music Software!

Don't Worry, X is Compatible with all your Favorite DAWS
such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, & Studio One